Welcome to our Company! 

The company is run by Denali Roberts. She is also your go-to girl for any of your business concerns. Get to know Denali below! 

Hi there ! 

My name is Denali Roberts! I am the CEO and Consultant at Pendleton Works! I started this company when I was 20 years old with a passion for helping business owners solve problems and make money! 

My life has brought me on a path where I am devoted to helping entrepreneurs bring their businesses to life and showing them how they can maintain them for years to come! 

Here is a little background on me: 

I am a  serial entrepreneur, author, business and marketing consultant and speaker. I started my first business at the age of 12 an another at 17 years old. I spent my childhood growing up in my mothers companies where I  honed my business-savvy senses by increasing profit margins and performance exponentially, formulating effective protocols, and streamlining processes. I am the  president of my two companies: Pendleton Works and Jade Skin Care. Pendleton Works is a business services and solutions firm that focuses on helping clients solve crucial problems, thrive in their market place and make money.  Jade Skin Care is en e-commerce business that brings customized skin care solutions to women of all races, ethnicities and backgrounds by using Korean Beauty products.


I have  plans already in place to incorporate my passion and appreciation for global cultures into my business model. Working in this field and helping others to improve in their business ventures is my heart and soul, and I  love being able to share it with my family, clients, and community.

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